Are you an influencer keen on getting noticed on Instagram? Focus on these 5 Instagram trends and you’re good to go. It is essential to be aware of how the world of Instagram functions to strategize your presence for maximum engagement. Here are 5 basic yet promising Instagram Trends that can help you grow your account significantly.


1. Collaborate with Micro and Nano Influencers


You don’t need to have a massive amount of followers to bag the title of an influencer anymore. Why worry! If you have less than 100,000 followers, you fall into the micro-influencer category, and many brands prefer to work with influencers at this level.

You can become an influencer too! Say what again! Nano-influencers or those with as little as 1,000 followers are increasing because brands want to work with average users on brand campaigns and sponsored posts.


Studies by Markerly and HelloSociety show that the influencers who have comparatively smaller followings are observed to have greater engagement than the top-tier ones.  These studies show that as audience size increases, engagement rate decreases.

There has been an increase in the number of microbrands too lately. The cost of customer acquisition has lowered down paving way for small businesses to flourish with the help of social media. 

It’s often more cost-effective for brands, particularly those that are strapped for cash, to work with nano and micro-influencers because they see a clear ROI.

2. Organize your Instagram and prepare a to-do list

This is particularly vital for brands and companies who want to ensure their content is ready for various launches and promotions. However, it’s also useful for influencers who want to make sure they’re following along with a certain visual aesthetic, and continually producing content.

That said, while many people plan their Instagram feeds, they do not plan their Instagram Stories. Only 21% of people surveyed indicate that they plan their Stories, meaning 79% of people create their stories on the fly. This could be why many people don’t watch Stories. You can start trying on how to plan yours in advance then see how it works upon your fan following.


3. Direct Messages make communication better

Dark social may sound scary, but it’s just a term used to describe social media activity that cannot be tracked because it’s private. When someone shares links or posts in direct messages, we see the traffic, but cannot tell where it’s coming from.

Instagram Direct has improved a lot since we can now use GIFs and video chat in it. Instagram Direct has moved from one-on-one texting to a group chat platform, with many people using it other than WhatsApp and Messenger. 

However, Insta Captain is one such tool whose auto DM feature to send texts directly to the influencers working on the same niches helps in creating maximum engagement from both sides. You can filter people with hashtags, places, and interests too with this tool and further decide whom to send a DM through its automated messages that you create yourself beforehand. This Instagram bot is undetectable and boosts engagement which can be clearly observed through Instagram insights. 

Because of the tagging, sharing, and reply features on Instagram Stories, it’s easier than ever to start private conversations on Instagram.

This year and beyond, Instagram will continue building features for Direct, the DM feature may be gone for good. It’s possible they’ll spin into a separate app like Facebook did with Messenger.
The bot will still come in handy, though. 

Setting up the Auto DM feature
Insta Captain’s auto DM feature

4. Team up with influencers by being authentic on Instagram

Social media is all about authenticity. In the early days of Instagram, we saw a lot of posed photos that were over-processed with filters. Gone are the days when people would smother their photographs with filters in the desperation to look good and gain maximum likes. Authentic and genuine experiences are in demand. In 2018, a new breed of Instagram influencers came to light, those particularly focused on authenticity. Take, for instance, Jenna Kutcher, a body-positive Instagrammer who gained more than 500,000 followers in a year, growing to over 800,000 without paying for any of them.

Influencer marketing has grown significantly with Instagram. The global ad spends on influencers is expected to reach over $5 billion by 2020.

In 2017, major fashion and beauty brands, such as Revolve, Chloe, and Benefit Cosmetics invested in influencers by sending them on outlandish vacations, all with a focus on selling their products. Though brands are excited about the potential Instagram influencers to bring for their brands, users have started to see through the “perfection” and #sponsored posts.

In an effort to keep brand deals without losing followers, we can expect Instagram influencers to become more authentic and personal, even down to discussing their sponsored posts.


5. Instagram stories for the win

The majority of Instagram users use the Stories feature. According to the Preview App, 86.6% of users surveyed use the feature. But, the same source reveals only 36.6% of people watch Insta Stories, while 63.4% watch posts.

However, this does not mean that you neglect the stories. In fact, if you include them in your strategy and factor them into your overall feed aesthetic, you can garner maximum engagement and establish a healthy network with people who’d follow you, like your posts, and DM more to know about you. 

While, even you can do this in return even more efficiently with the help of Insta Captain Instagram bot that auto likes, auto-follow and auto DMs on your behalf if you instruct it to. 


No matter what the trends are for 2020 and beyond, one thing is certain – People love Instagram! Preview App data shows that most people spend between one and three hours a day there. If your brand isn’t part of the network yet, you are really missing out. Even if you don’t sell or promote products of your own, you can still generate motives to turn casual social media followers into loyal customers. Instagram bots that generate undetectable comments and likes may help you mark your presence and put you out there in the scene. Guess what! There’s a feature for auto DM too, which again makes things smoother. 

Also, a few Instagram bots work function on android which makes them look natural and hard to tell. A good tactic to get out there and make yourself be seen.