One of the most important things for a marketer or an influencer is to have their content go viral. Going viral and being seen by thousands of Instagram users is the ultimate goal for many people. Publishing viral posts helps you reach your marketing goals; whatever they are, from brand awareness to increasing sale.

Wondering what kind of content goes viral? Well, say no more.


Go Viral
Go Viral


Having a high engagement rate tops the charts. If you want to go viral on Instagram, you need a lot of engagement, and you need it fast. That means doing whatever you can, to enhance engagement of your content immediately after posting it. The idea behind this is that the initial engagement can push your post on Instagram Explore Page.
But why do you want to be on the Explore Page? Because it’s the best place on Instagram to get your content exposed to an even larger audience than the one you already have!

The Importance of Engagement Rate




When you publish a post, Instagram will show it to a limited number of your followers. Checking out the number of comments, impressions and likes on your post, Instagram calculates the engagement rate of your posts to determine if they are interesting enough. 
When your content gets enough engagement, Instagram will show your future posts to more users automatically. Having good luck and receiving enough engagement, your posts may appear on the explore page too. The Instagram bot InstaCaptain is one such tool that can aid to your engagement rate. Using its features like auto follow, auto like, auto comment, and auto DM can help you be notices more . Thus, increasing the engagement. 

Tips to Make Instagram Post Viral

 Let us let you in on some tips that’ll help you go viral on Instagram.


  • Share high-quality content: as always, in every marketing platform, the content matters. High-quality content guarantees high engagement rate and your posts being seen by more people.
  • Proper Call to Action (CTA): a good call to action will lead to more engagement. You can even ask your followers to share your content.

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  • Consider posting at the right time: even high-quality posts with useful content would not go viral if you do not consider the time most of your users are online. 
  • Know your audience: the key element for your posts to go viral is posting content most appropriate for your target audience. Viral posts which attract the wrong audience have a few effect on your goals.