In order to make your page the most followed page in the realm of Instagram, it is essential to pay heed to the kind of content you generate and put out. The logic is quite simple: if you want to get followers you need to offer them something valuable.

Of course, it is clear that we can’t find only one possible answer to the question about what to post on Instagram as the content greatly depends on the type and topic of your account. Though we all understand that a manager of a business account won’t post just the same things as a blogger will, there are some general ideas that can help you make your account more interesting for your target audience. As a result, your chances to attract new users as well as to retain your existing followers will be much higher.

What to post on Instagram: 5 key ideas!

If you want your audience to think: “OMG, I love this post!” each time they see your publications, my recommendation is to study the following tips and to try them out.

1. Give them a glimpse behind the scenes
Behind the Scene

Of course, we all want to look perfect, especially in the eyes of our followers. But it is 2019, for god’s sake. People are fed up of fake dramatically put up pictures, they want to see a person with all their weaknesses and vulnerability.

If you run a business account, from time to time show how your product is being created or maybe how you create posts. If in the eyes of your followers you are a businessman or a business lady, why not show them how you are playing with your children

Show them you have a life beyond Instagram

Yes, life offline also exists!

2. Share your followers’ content
Love your followers
Love your Lovely Followers

Yes, it can be an excellent idea to make somebody work for free while you are doing nothing. *just kidding* But seriously, it can be surprising how well asking your followers to create some content for you can turn out to be.

  • First of all, such initiatives can help you boost the engagement of your audience and attract new followers, especially, if you organize some contest and prepare a gift for a winner or winners.
  • Secondly, you have a chance to get really unusual, varied and fresh content without any special efforts from your side.

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