Tip to use Instagram Bots like Insta Captain for Best Results

1. I will be your only savior. I am territorial, mind you. 

Using multiple automation services at the same time can cause you to be banned from Instagram. Be cautious and avoid doing that. Your smartphone can easily detect that.

2. Thou shall not be greedy.

It is only natural to expect instant results when you pay for a service, but Insta Captain takes its time and gives you genuine results in the form of authentic supporters. That implies we are choosing the precise audience you are telling us to target. Real people aren’t always on their smartphone if they really like your content, true adherents will follow you. So if you put a lot of content, but with appropriate hashtags, places, following a content strategy, our automation service will increase your outcomes and skyrocket them.

3. You shall never run out of targets.

You should know who your target audience is to get the best results. If you don’t want to run out of targets, you should answer the following questions yourself:

  • Who would you like to have as a follower? (fitness people, question
    enthusiast, beauty queens, foodies)
  • Who will possibly like your stuff? ( If you are a Yoga-Foodie-Girl, it is possible that other Yoga Foodie Girls like your stuff, too)
  • Who is your competition? (If you are a landscape photograph are targeting the most popular landscape photographs on Instagram) 
  • Where are you located? If you have a local business in the US it doesn’t make sense to target people in Europe but it makes total sense to target people in your city! 
  • What hashtags are popular in your niche. (If you are a brand search for branded hashtags from competitors)

4. Remember to Unfollow, to keep your profile special.

Instagram has a limit of 7500 people you can follow. To hide a bot, the best technique is to have 50% Ratio. This means that you should start your unfollow process as soon as you start following half the number of the people who follow you. You can also schedule the unfollow function for a specific time of the day with Insta Captain. Once you have set up everything, you can relax.


5. Don’t overuse the tool.

We have created the service with the aim of keeping your account secure from the danger of being banned. Therefore, from moment to time you have to demonstrate Instagram human behavior. The amount of action is one of the most prevalent behaviors. Our service has multi speed selectors, We recommend to use it with care. Auto or medium are our recommended speed if you are using multi automatic actions. You can set up very fast speed for automatic action SOLO mode. Don’t set very fast speed if you are using Auto like + Auto comment + Auto DM at the same time.

6. You shall know your social media goals.

If you don’t have a reason to get more followers, you are going to end up with real followers who don’t really care about you. Why do you want to grow in audience? Do you want to make sales? Do you need social proof for your business? Do you want to spread a message? Would you like to advertise your service? Nowadays, just getting followers is easy. You can buy fake followers for cheap money. We recommend this only for brand change and businesses who need a social proof or new customers. But if you are willing to use a bot service like Insta Captain, you should not only know your targets, you should also know why. As soon as you know your “why”, you will realize how beneficial the social media manager to really is!

7. You shall make your automated comments neutral, creative and funny.

The Internet is packed with automated comments. Nowadays, people are upset or ignored. We also have a neutral set to start with comments for you. But we highly recommend using some authentic comments that actually fit your target audience. If you are creative and funny, without risking a wrong word under a funeral post, your engagement rate can increase and more people will follow because of the interaction with you.

If you use Auto comment action, we will always recommend that you add more than 10 different neutral comments to your settings. It seems that it’s not enough because of the last changes to Instagram. Of course, we understand that it’s not possible to think of and add hundreds comment by hand. But what if with just one string you can add 1000+ distinct neutral remarks?


8. You shall write compelling direct messages that create engagement.

If you are using it correctly, the direct message service can be gold for you. Soft selling is the future, this can generate a Spammy first impression when you first come up with your purchase. You can say thank you for following and then simply put your best for a soft selling of the product or service, 1 of 5 will reply you to know more about your product!

9. You shall answer all your comments.

Always think about the fact that people spend time and energy on your post. You should honor their time in the same way that they honor your post!

10. You shall focus more on creating good content.

So you are using an Instagram Bot now, You’ve got more time on your own. To create better pictures, tell better stories and put more effort into your Instagram account, use that free time. Imagine if you are growing over 200K followers on Instagram and your profile and content doesn’t look like 200K! An Instagram automation bot is a very powerful social media tool. But with power comes responsibility!