Instagram DM tips: Would you like to stay in touch even when you are not online? Let’s give a little push to Instagram’s DM notification feature and stay connected. How to do this? Well, we have prepared  easy-to-follow tips that will easily help you turn on or turn off Instagram DM notifications and receive push notifications on your mobile device.

Likes, comments and favorites have now become a part of our online lifestyle. Almost each one of us directly or indirectly look for a raise in these number including you. ?

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So let’s simplify the Insta-verse and learn what is Instagram DM notification and tips to use it correctly.

What are Instagram DM Notifications?

All notifications on Instagram can be divided into push notifications received directly from the app to your device, and email and SMS.

What are Push Notifications?

Every thing that happens in your account (mark on your post, comment, direct message, new follower) Instagram informs you with a push notification.

Enable Push Notifcations
Enable Push Notifications

Notifications by email and SMS represent the broad alerts, such as news service, various reminders, advice on tools Instagram and so on. As their name suggests, Instagram notifies you via email and phone number (provided during account registration).

Now let’s see how to turn on and turn off Instagram DM notifications and tweak them according to your needs.

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Guide to Enabling Notifications on Instagram

Recently, Instagram introduced a new feature to make the user-experience better.  Connecting to this feature doesn’t take much time, and it can be enabled within the application.

So, to enable notifications on Instagram you need to follow the below steps:

Instagram login page
Instagram login page
  • Log in to your page by entering username and password
Instagram Home Icon
Instagram Home Icon
  • Return to the home page of your profile by clicking on the icon in the corner of the screen on the right
  • By clicking on the points located vertically go to settings
Instagram Push Notification Settings
  • Click on the line “Push notifications”, you will see functions.
  • In the list below, decide whether you need notifications about likes and/or comments on Instagram by checking the box next to.
Ready! From now on, your phone will receive notifications about the actions taken in your publication, as well as responses to comments. You can turn off notifications by doing the opposite.
If you want to receive notifications on your phone about some Instagram handle, posts by it or live broadcast conducted by the author of the handle, follow the scheme:
  1. Find the interesting page;
  2. Click on the three dots that are located vertically in the upper right corner of the screen;
  3. After clicking on the column of points, you will see a list. Select the row labeled “enable notifications” at the bottom of the list that appears.

Instagram Notification Unraveled

This is how can get notifications about any of your friends or other users when they post something new. 

Try these steps:
Instagram User Profile
Instagram User Profile
  •  Go to the user profile and click the dots icons in the top right 
Instagram Post Notifications
Instagram Post Notifications
  • Pop-up window opens up and enable ”Turn on Post Notifications’
If you have some trouble with the working process of editing notifications, this problem may be related to the following issues:
  1. System crashes. To fix this issue, try simply restarting your mobile device and testing again.
  2. Error updating system. If you have not installed the update for a long time or interrupted the update, you need to re-perform this procedure.
  3. Problem with the app. Maybe a fault of Instagram. Try reinstalling it.

    Sound notifications on Instagram

    Did you know that you can adjust the notification sound if you use your phone’s settings:

    1. Find the phone settings
    2. Find the category “sound”
    3. Choose “sound settings in applications”
    4. Adjust the notification setting in the applications
In the beginning, almost every Instagrammer loves the notifications, but when the number of  followers increase, it becomes little difficult to handle.
So, now you have set the DM notifications. Let’s go to the next step i.e. to increase Instagram followers and know the best time to post on Instagram.