The digital market has been flooding with endless social media automation tools that not only save your effort and time but also give the best of social media marketing experience.  A number of those tools are dedicated to Instagram specifically. Here is how you can grow your Instagram followers by using an Instagram Bot

1. Find and follow new accounts through Automation

Though many Instagram automation bots vary in terms of the services they offer, all of them will offer the ability to automate finding and following new accounts. It is even super easy. All you need to do is tell the bot which hashtags and what kind of accounts you want to follow

Then, using that information, it will auto follow those accounts and pick random ones from within the hashtags to follow. The bot will do this gradually one day at a time so that it doesn’t look unusual and out of sorts. Auto follow and auto like have never been easier to do, isn’t it? 

2. Save time with Automation. Create content.

If you set up an automation bot one time, walk away and never look at the bot or your Instagram account again, you’re doing it wrong. Setting your Instagram bot only once will not cut it. Not only are you doing it wrong, but you’re obviously doing it for the wrong reasons. Chances are, you’re looking for a quick and easy way to monetize your Instagram following and while this is a respectable desire, it won’t get you very far.

It is still very essential to engage with your followers organically and consistently create content.  

Yes, there’s plenty of stuff out there that is completely automated, but it’s not the kind of stuff your audience will enjoy or respond to the way you hope.

3. Use only one Instagram Bot

Of course, things larger in quantity look appealing. However, it is advised to use a single Instagram Bot for the best results. You can use one for a certain amount of time before testing on another one to see which one you like better, but using more than one at the same time creates unnatural activity and could possibly cross some wires and create potential flags on your Instagram account.

Everything you do on Instagram from content creation to following accounts and engaging with them should be done with your followers in mind. Without a dedicated group of loyal followers, you won’t be able to reap sales benefits from your social media presence. Insta Captain makes sure your presence on Instagram given an impression of being super organic and original. 


4. Quality Instagram always wins

Save your time by using Instagram Bot Insta Captain and use that time to create quality content. After all, content is the king. Use the left time productively and create original content that has the potential to be likes by your followers and the potential followers too. 

From time to time, you want to check and see how your automation efforts are going. If you find that you are not getting a lot of engagement, you may want to adjust your automation to target different hashtags.


5. Auto Comment for the win

There are some people out there who will advise against auto comments because it can come across as spammy.  However, when done correctly using neutral yet positive comments and including a variety of options for the Instagram bot to surf through, you can still leave comments within context on photos through the auto comment feature without coming across as fake.

With the help of the auto comment feature, InstaCaptain comments automatically on an Instagram post without you having to do it manually. You can write up a comment you want to post and then target the places you want your comment to be.

To make sure you’re not completely wasting time, it’s best to only automate commenting for a few photos every day. Because bots will interact with hundreds of photos every day, it’s impossible to program them in a way that will create context-relevant comments for all of the photos it comes across, So that’s why you should set aside some time to craft genuine comments manually every day.

Auto Comment
Setting up the Auto Comment feature in Insta Captain


6.Schedule posts for Auto posting. 

Some Instagram bots or tools like Instacaptain will allow you to automate posting to the social network. Some Instagram Bots allow you to schedule your posts for Instagram and other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook along with the features to auto follow, auto like, and auto comment. 

This helps monumentally in preparing for posts for the entire week beforehand and saving time. You can keep tabs on the pattern of audience engagement and schedule to post accordingly for maximum Instagram engagement. 

This way, you do not have to manually post content to your account every day, the Instagram bot will do it for you and you can focus on other tasks to promote your business that cannot be automated.

7. Turn to Auto DM

Direct messages on Instagram can be automated just like comments and likes. Auto DMs on instagram are all the rage. However, the bot will not ensure being contextually relevant to every single follower. Therefore, it is advisable to keepa a connection with a limited number of accounts on a regular basis. 

You can target people according to #hashtags , places, and places. Just type the hashtags of your niche, set the speed which you want to choose, turn the status to active and click save.

Now click on the “messages” button and type the message that you want to send to the user.



8 . Unfollow accounts with automation

With this strategy and Instagram automation, you follow users who may be interested in your account using automation tools. However, even if after a few days they do not follow you back, you can same the same Instagram bot to unfollow them. Most of the time you’ll find that 20 to 35% of the people will follow you back. With the help of auto-follow, you can search for Instagram users in your niche and Insta Captain will help you to follow them automatically to get their attention.

Search for hashtags related to your niche and put the status to “Active”.
You can also stop activity every day for the time you select.
At last, click save to activate this feature!


Taking the time to unfollow users who don’t follow you back keeps you with a good follower ratio and ensures you’re not wasting effort and time on people who are not going to engage with you keeping your engagement rates high and making your Instagram account look more appealing to the algorithm for better chances of viral posts and increased follower growth through viral activity.

9. Automate likes.

Automating likes is safe to do with an Instagram bot. It won’t come across as spam or get flagged by Instagram. Likes are a non-intrusive way to make people happy increase your odds of engagement. Likes or a subtle nudge that will only show up on a person’s activity feed. Instagram’s algorithm considers having more likes as a signal for being popular. Also, people do not mind being liked by random strangers either because this increases the engagement on their posts. This is where Insta Captain Instagram Bot comes in handy. One of the most powerful features of Insta Captain is the auto like functionality.
You can search for quality images related to your niche on Instagram and automatically like them.
Search the images using hashtags and places put the status to active, click save and you are ready to go.


Unless you are someone who has thousands of followers, chances are you’re checking your activity feed to see who liked your post and discover new Instagram accounts this way. Using Auto likes banks on the fact that you’re liking posts from people who will discover that you liked their post and will turn around and follow you.


10. Respond to all the comments

To boost your engagement and to show your audience you care, take time to reply to any and all comments on your posts. Even if you notice generic ones that you believe were automated, do respond to make them believe that you care and respect their engagement with you. 


11. Keep Automation limited. 

Unless you use an automation tool from the very beginning of your Instagram account, chances are you were only able to like and follow a certain number of users every day.

It is smart to keep the use of automation to a certain limit for a day in order to save your account from being noticed by Instagram. A sudden increase makes it all the more suspicious. The key is to make the activity look as natural as possible which often means using the automation tool much less than what it is capable of actually doing.