How excited were you when Instagram announced you can now hashtag emojis? I nearly lost it, and admittedly spent way too long searching for all the cutest emojis! As fun as hashtags can be, they’re also super beneficial for boosting your Instagram followers, if done correctly. 

I thought they were irritating, and I nearly felt somewhat humiliated labeling each of my photographs with plentiful measures of irregular words. In any case, try to keep your hat on: If you’re utilizing your Instagram record to develop your blog or business, you should utilize hashtags. They’re wonders that naturally promote your photos — overly significant! I’ve played with and tried a lot of hashtags now, so I thought I’d share a not many that I’ve found gigantically valuable for my development and for getting my Instagram out to the correct spectators.

Most importantly, the idea isn’t to just label the shit out of your photographs with any word that might kind of relate to your photograph. Rather, glance through every one and choose if your feel that photographs coordinate what each hashtag that you’re  looking for. Your photograph will sit among a large number of other creative shots, so you need to ensure it will both fit pleasantly with the others and stick out, as well! That way, potential, new followers will be charmed to look at your record.

The good stuff? You can use up to like 30 hashtags for every photo.

Some of The Recommended Hashtags by Insta Captain With High Engagement Rates

1. #flashesofdelight

This hashtag was started by the Glitter Guide account. Anything fun and girly fits well under this hashtag. The Glitter Guide is awesome because they look through the hashtag and pick a few photos to regram throughout the week. The Glitter Guide account actually reposted some of its fan base photos, which may bring a ton of new, engaged followers if you end up there. Even if they don’t repost your photo, if they like what they see, they will literally “like” it, and your photo has a good chance of ending up on people’s “explore” feeds (in other words, a whole set of new eyes on your account!).

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2. #communityovercompetition

If you follow The Rising Tide Society, you know that they are an incredible community for entrepreneurs and bloggers! This behind #communityovercompetition is about putting relationships first, over opportunities. It’s about serving others, lifting others up, and connection.

You can also visit their #tuesdaystogether hashtag for more of the same.

3. #bandotodolist

The Shopbando account is seriously fun. It’s full of life and color, but more importantly, it’s full of community! These girls love sharing their followers’ photos! On Friday’s they post a “ to do list,” which, much like the GG 5 things, gives you a fun weekend activity to try. Try it out, photograph it, hashtag it, and they may regram you!

They also use #bandofun to search for photos to regram, so check that hashtag out and see if any of your photos fit that category, too!

4. #thatsdarling

This hashtag was started by Darling Magazine. Darling is easily one of my favorite accounts to follow. All their photos are beautiful! Everybody can use this hashtag on just about every photo. People have managed to get tons of new followers just from using this hashtag alone! The idea is to share darling moments in your life, which is fun because it’s such an open-ended concept and you can really get creative! Darling also reposts photos quite often.

5. #mybeautifulmess

Created by team at A Beautiful Mess, this hashtag is for creative minds! Their Instagram account is dedicated primarily to regramming their followers’ photos, which is seriously awesome of them! They have a ton of hashtags you can use, their most current one being #abmspring.


6. #DScolor

Design blog guru, Design*Sponge, has its own hashtag, too! For this hashtag, they look for, you guessed it, colorful photos to share on their account!

Using hashtags can be a little overwhelming at first, but the most important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself. Browse, surf, poke around and  search for hashtags you’re interested in, and see if there are other accounts you can follow that will challenge you and help you grow your community.